Root to Root

Children come to us cloaked in
love. Some sort of protective bubble that only lets them feel love even when love is absent.

Even when daddy is a pedophile--we know it as love. Even if mommy is neglectful--we know it as love. They are never to blame.

The bubble only breaks when we come face to face with truth and/or when we are willing and able to face reality. It's a tough bubble to pop; some are tougher than others. Bubbles can only be popped from within.

It takes a woman 7 times to leave an abusive relationship--it's the bubble. Men walk around entitled--its the bubble. Politicians can rob us blind and send us to war--it's the bubble. In the bubble we are complacent and complicit--willing to follow or react--to our own detriment.

It feels good in the bubble--religion, spirituality, and patriotism help keep us there with the feel-good stories rocking us to sleep. Addictions keep us in the bubble. White privilege keeps us in the bubble. Wealth keeps us in the bubble. Trauma keeps us in the bubble. Consumerism and entertainment keep us in the bubble. Lies and propaganda keep us in the bubble and oblivious to the realities of war, climate change, and the pandemic.

We are encapsulated, enslaved, and manipulated while we are in our bubble. Herded by the corporations, the politicians, the media and social media.

Rage pops the bubble. Self-love pops the bubble. Women are popping bubbles and shattering glass ceiling. Women are rooting down into the fabric of our being and raging against the inequities and inequalities, against the fucked up world of xy corruption and violence. We are finding our primal truth in the dirt, in the soil of our being and in the land and sea that must thrive for us to live.

We are waking up and coming together. We are forming webs of connection. We are protecting babies and children everywhere. We are protecting our elders and our planet. We are doing it underground, where it is safe. Root to root--with the silent knowing of love and nurture--with a fierce protectiveness--with rage and compassion--with strength and integrity--until we birth a new world.

bjbeyers 2021

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