Old and Gnarly

I have nothing to give
Other than my experiences
And some roots of wisdom
Written on my falling leaves
My last hurrah of color

And I chuckle as I see
My old sisters trying to lay one more egg
Or produce one more apple
For greedy, needy humans
Enough already! You dumb clucks!

You lifted your face
You colored your hair
You perked up your boobs
Bejeweled like a year-round Christmas tree
Even the evergreens are laughing

It is the time for tea
Time for our bone dance
To lock our funny bones together
To chant the truth of our marrow
We are more sap than syrup

How we ever came to believe
That we are more than just giant flesh tubes
Dependent the Earth--Our Mother
Is the marvel of storytelling
And the weakness of our minds

But old women know the truth
We can still smell our monthly blood
And womb water and lactating breasts
And shit and piss and blood
And semen and sweat

Old women know our reason for being--
Our natural place in the ecosystem
Is to love and protect Her and Her babies
With our flesh and bones and brain
Made from Her--we are Her

Let His-story die
Our heart is Her heart
Our soul is Her soul
Sorry if I popped your pimple
But Heaven is here on Earth.

bjbeyers 2021

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