We had one job
To love and protect our home-Earth
All life relies on Her
Her plants supply the air we breathe
Her rivers, the water we need
Her soil,the food we eat
We can't exist without Her

And yet, our massive brains
Have failed to know this
Have seemed to sever all connection
With Her, our Mother,
Have failed to hear Her heartbeat
To know we don't exist without Her

While some are flying into space
Others are waking up and coming home
Waking up to the truth of their being
And to sacredness of all life
Her exhale is our inhale
We won't exist without Her

And as I pay homage to the Sun
For His continuous, steady light
My heart beats with love for our Mother
My compassion is for all of life
It's fragility and innocence
Just trying to live so we all can live

And I damn the violence and destruction
Of those blinded by power and greed
There is so much beauty and love
Enough for all to live in harmony
It comes from Her...directly into your heart
But only when you are ready...

2021 bjbeyers

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