Mindless Mothers

All that feels like suffering or 'not love' is still love. There is only one energy. It is so simple.

Humans have created a world on top of the natural or real world--
A false social structure of hierarchies and class and judgements and territories...

Then we guard and defend our rightness, our goodness, our gender, our religion, our race, our wealth, our might, our boundaries--labels/concepts that don't exist in the natural/real world.

Humans have created a world out of their heads, their words, their imagination, their minds. An abstract world removed from reality. An egoic, illusory world--separated from reality/love.

The human's world causes untold suffering. It is a world based on perceived scarcity and creates fear and hunger--the hunger for love, happiness, peace, wealth, safety, more, more, more...

Just stop. Just stop. Cease to exist on that false 'human plane' and fall into reality. We are all mothers and children here. This is the one energy that exists--the 'One Love' of a universal soul. We are here to nurture and to be nurtured by Mother Earth and to use our big brains in service for Her.

So while the mind is going nuts trying to fix the false human's world--that world of suffering--many of us are swimming in love and compassion just waiting for you to jump in...but you'll have to leave your conditioned, false mind behind.

bjbeyers 2021

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