Universal Soul (us)

On this windy, rainy day
The final veils lift
Love and not love
Are love
Giving and receiving 
Are one--there is no other
Everything that manifests
Falls back into our Universal Soul
And rises over and over

The ground of our Being
Is boundless love/compassion
It is our divine nature
Thoughts, beliefs, emotions
Are known by our divine nature
As 'thought clouds' obscuring
The unchangeable clear sky
Causing suffering

Once seen, once aware
There is no escaping Truth
There is only Love
Ignorance is just doing "not Love"
But is dependent on Love to be known
There is only Love all else is
Made of clouds
It is so simple
Give up all that tethers you
Risk not-knowing

It is easy to stay in the clouds
All of your friends and family
Are living there--searching for
Peace, love, joy, contentment
The neurotic angst is addicting
And a billion dollar industry--
Selling you health and happiness
It is hard to just stop
And push the clouds aside
But it is the most loving thing to do.

bjbeyers 2021

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