The Gift

There is a heaven-like state
That exists
We come from that
We are made of that
The purity of nothingness
Unconditional love

Then we are born
Into sinew and bone
With a DNA blueprint
Built in hungers
And a malleable mind
And we start this life
And forget "heaven"

But this life will never measure up
We can't feel loved enough
Or free enough
And the hungers gnaw
And the mind is stuck on replay
And the body fails
And we seek distraction

Life becomes repetitive
Imposed order
To keep us swimming
In an emotional stew
Of feel-bads and feel-goods
To quiet the hungers
And bind the boundless

Wake up sweet souls
Remember your home
There is no heaven waiting
It is here, right here
In everyone and everything
Unmold your mind
Unfold your wings

Your first glimpse
Will bring you to your knees
Speechless, awed
Your body-mind will recede
Your hungers will calm
Your love will expand
And envelope the world

This body is a miracle
It is a gift to treasure
To see, to taste, to hear
To smell, to touch, to speak
Let that be joy enough
Let your desires fade
And receive this gift.

bjbeyers 2022

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