House of Barblings


With a little imagination
We all have everything we need
Nothing is lacking...ever

Once I needed a mother
And I needed to be a mother
And out of the ethers she came
A big, dark, indigenous woman
Nurturing, protecting
Speaking words of wisdom
She is still with me
Knitting, crocheting
Cooking, baking, making dolls
She will never leave me

Then I needed a job
And poof! the nurse came
She did the hard work
She stayed to keep us housed and fed
She jumped through society's hoops
The demands of the job were many
Then, one day--her strength ran out
She took her stethoscope and left
I was glad to see her go

The nature lover also lives here
She is me as a young child
And me as an older woman
She talks to the trees
And dances to birdsong
She makes me rose tea
And cares for the critters

And an activist lives here
She champions for the vulnerable,
The environment, the animals
As her voice gets louder, so does mine
Soon she will leave
When I can speak my own truth

And an old mystic lives here
He has studied the greatest thinkers
And has opened hidden doors
And showed me the stairway to heaven
So I wouldn't fear death
He taught me how to receive the ethers
And change them into words
He is very quiet in a corner
Reading or writing
I find his poems everywhere

Then an artist moved in
And painted on walls
Not afraid to bend the rules
She draws geometrics for my mystic
She paints flowers for my nature lover
She writes slogans for my activist
And designs with fabric for my mother
...and her mosaics are for me

To show me how to connect
My broken pieces
And make something beautiful...

bjbeyers 2022
#Jung #archetypes #bjbart

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