Spilled Life Force

When you value life
The blessed sanctity
Of living
You help others thrive
You encourage
You protect
And help cushion
The hard times

War is the opposite
People become pawns
Objects to exploit
To be put in harms way
With no regard
For their humanity
Or their life

The lowest
Most vile
Most barbaric
Most evil
Is the man
Who spills
Another's life force
Another's blood

I am so sorry
Sorry for those
Who don't
Value life or
Value blood
And for a few ruble
Will do
The bidding
Of evil

And I am sorry
For the innocent
Forced to fight back
Forced to flee
Forced to witness
The carnage
Their soul
Is forever chained
To that memory

And for what?
For fear
For greed
For hate
For a few ruble...

bjb 2/22

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