Emotional Stew

When you're a storyteller

From a line of storytellers
You understand the power of words
You see patterns
And endings in beginnings
And it scares you to hell

All of mankind has been enthralled
Has been bewitched by words
26 letters arranged and rearranged
Until you relate to the word t-r-e-e
And not to the living entity in front of you
Which has it's own unique "essence"

So much of life and living is lost
When we start to communicate
In symbols, in words, in the abstract
We become connected to the alphabet grid
And groomed by societal words
The younger, the better for compliance

2000 years of Christianity--
A Bible full of words, of stories
A pied-piper's flute
And the World is not a better place
Peace and love exist on a plane
Where there are no words

You will forever be left wanting
Hungering for love, for peace
And that is what our society does
It has you looking for treasure
This job, that house, this product
One pursuit after the other

But you're living in an alternate reality
A reality made of words is flexible
And shape-shifting
It has 26 letters to manipulate
To create new ideas and concepts
And pronouns

Is there a true north?
But words can't take you there
That "tree" which is nameless
Has an essence you can feel in your heart
She can take you there.

Our hearts/souls are imprinted
By the essence of so many
Yet our minds get lost in their labels
My mother is dead not gone
I still have her essence in my heart
Right here--sooo close

Titles, labels are like shields
Protective personas
Hiding our real faces
But they can't hide hearts
From the ones who read hearts
With a wordless knowing

As I get older and simpler
I don't want to be gaslit
By the facade of fake white smiles
Like a gateless picket fence
And expensive clothes and cars
Like useless ornamental shrubbery

Heart to heart, soul to soul
There is no distance
There is no time
There are no words
There is no story
To describe you, me, us

There is only a knowing
A vibration, an energy
That is sensed
It is Love
And it permeates
And enlivens everything

But go ahead
Hide behind your facade
Your safety is a jail
Your life is an emotional stew
Made out of words
To drown you.

bjb 3/22

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