The Evolution--

From cradle to transcendence is a jagged journey
From self to no-self
From contracted energy to expanded energy
Peace/love can only be experienced with the expanded, desireless energy of no-self.

Elementals--elementary--concerned with self-survival--security, safety, food, shelter. Territorial. Fear. Violence. Contracted energy.

Societals--drawn to being part of something beyond self. Systems and institutions--marriage, politics, education, medicine, economics, religion, corporations--climbing the ladder, getting ahead...linear, heirarchal.

Environmentals--move beyond society and are now concerned with the health of the planet and all living species. Sees that all are connected. Advocacy and compassion.

Intuitives and mystics--transcend dualism. Expanded energy--knows the One consciousness is filtered by the minds of many. Cauldron of Potentia. Peace.

bjbeyers 3/22

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