The Greatest Love

I am not my body
You are not yours

It is an organic being
To which I am tethered

A marvel, a miracle
My best friend

I have spent a lifetime
Trying to understand her language

How she has been imprinted
And what drives her

Her mind has been conditioned, educated
And programmed by family and society

Until that road was a deep rut
In which she unconsciously traveled

And under all that noise
I found her--Mother Earth's daughter

Perfect, whole, connected
And directed by the web of life

And she sensed me
And worked hard to meet me

Removing veil after veil
Until we became as one

The infinite and finite merging
This is the true meaning of Love

And the day will come
When the web will reclaim her

Earth will return to Earth
And Spirit will return to Spirit

And I will miss my best friend
This is the true meaning of Grief

Everyone is searching for love
But, it is yourself you're searching for.

bjbeyers 4/22

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