Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

My door to the outside world
Will sometimes close itself
And open to my inside world

And I know it is a blessing
A gift of grace
To leave the grieving world behind

And I don't feel guilt or remorse
For enjoying this reprieve
I have no idea how the shift is made

From the low, slow vibration
Of dense human bodies
To creative expansive spirit

And if you stick your foot in my door
Hoping to make me stay
You will get my shell, my body only

And I'll go through the motions
The polite lunches and small talk
Which isn't love or friendship

My inside world is teeming with life
With birdsong and barking pups
And the whispering wind

The trees emit wisdom and love
The flowers giggle
And the earth says, "I gotcha"

I do know, all can access this world
Of higher vibrations and love
But I don't know how to show you the door

So I stand on the threshold
Changing love into words
Throwing them out to you

Before the door closes forever...

bjbeyers 4/4/22

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