I have no bone in this fight
I am too old to have babies
I leave no offspring
To inherit man's polluted world

I shake my head and sigh
Yin is going to lose again
She needs to go deeper, darker
And stop reflecting Yang's light

Last time she was burned at the stake
Now they gun down her babies
Then force her to have more
And still she is meek

Democrats, per se, can't save you
But your sisters can
The ones not afraid of the dark
The ones who spit in Yang's face

How much are you willing to lose
To stay in Yang's favor
He has already seduced your soul
With his false God and religion

He has awakened your fear of scarcity
By withholding baby formula and tampons
He is robbing you at the gas pumps
And distracting you with bling

Wake up Yin! Wake up
Run into the shadows, go dark
To find our hidden well
With the most amazing water

So you never feel afraid again
So you never feel needy again
Yang can't nourish you
And Yang can't birth new life

Freedom is your birthright
The Earth is your ally
Strip Yang of his power
Then throw away his sword

Yin's power needs no sword
No guns, no bombs, no walls
Find the network of sisters
You'll know them by their scars

They ran the underground railroad
And housed Anne Frank
And are offering help now
Vote for women like the Squad

Fearless and ferocious
Resist and persist
Perhaps Yin will succeed
And balance be restored...

bjbeyers 2022

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