Subtle and Pervasive

I was groomed to love Jesus
Religion prepped me to
Relinquish my boundaries
For the high and powerful

I was groomed to please Jesus
Whose light was so bright
It cast me in the shadows
Meek and supplicating

I was groomed to be good
And it started early
My heart was manipulated
To seek love and approval from man

Every man in power
Triggered my sense of devotion
Subtle and unconscious
With subliminal messages everywhere

Then I woke up
When I heard God laughing
And God was a dark, earthy woman
With big breasts and thick thighs

I could feel the power of her love
Shameless and embracing all of life
I finally felt at home, rooted
With nothing to prove

As I ripped off my straight jacket
The rage, the fury came
All those poor babies
Being groomed to love, honor white man

They have been blinded to reality
And they may never wake up
To learn that the American Dream
Is an impossible dream

White men benefit from the illusion
This misplaced privilege opens doors
Without it they feel powerless, impotent
Hence the guns

With their identity tied to illusion
It feels like death to wake up
They are panicking now
Burning books, enslaving women

Women, blacks, people of color
LBGTQIA are a threat
For they are the first to awaken
Faced with truth, illusions fade

The Rapture is now
Heaven is here on Earth
Feel Her love enveloping you
We got this.

bjbeyers 2022

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