One Man’s God

One person's water
Is another person's mirage
And this is why
One religion doesn't work for all

Each person must find
The 'God energy' for themselves
One person may get a glimpse
From words in a book

Another is kissed by the wind
Or awakened by the wildness of nature
Another's heart breaks open
With love for her child

Don't preach or proselytize
Your brand of God
But point to the heart
And say, "Go find Her"

Who is She for you?
You'll find Her, by finding yourself
There is no separation
God is your birthright

Maybe bibles and churches
Or chanting and candles
Or crystals and meditation
Or sunrises and birdsong

Captivate with ecstatic love
But universal 'God energy'
Is constant, unwavering
And non-judgmental

Feeling love doesn't mean
Feeling adored or special
Or being filled with awe
Benevolence or compassion

Feeling love comes from
Sinking deep into yourself
And feeling the spark of life
Your heartbeat, your breath

And feeling "I Am"
The aliveness of just being
It is in this core awareness
Where we all connect as one

For we all are connected
With core values
For the sustainability
Of ALL sentient beings

All religion is just icing
It is sweet and sticky
God is the soil, the dirt, the grit
From which all things grow.

bjbeyers 2022

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