Peace Be Damned

Peace is not life
Peace is death

Nothing alive is at peace
Becalmed on the ocean
In a sailboat is not desired

Yet millions of dollars
Are being made
Selling you ways to
To calm you, to ease you
To placate your wild nature
To contain it and train it
But it is itching to burst forth
In all its glory!

Instead, where is the training
On how to ride this wild beast
Not to break its spirit
But to find its rhythm
And harmonize

The louder and more boisterous I am
Laughing and sobbing
And raging with all of me
The more I can dance
With the orgasmic,
Explosiveness of life
The closer I am to peace
To oneness

I am the beating heart
The waves crashing
The wind howling
The volcanoes spewing
The wars raging
I am a life FORCE

What's in your wallet?


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