Die While Living

I've said my goodbyes 
Even if it was just in my mind
Looking hard and long
At our shared lives
All that we've experienced together
With some it's more years than others
With others it's deeper than some
And I allowed myself all the feels
Laughing through my tears
Life is a mixed bag of happy and sad

Saying goodbye while still alive
Allows me to live and love wide open
I already know the ending
Whether you die first or I
There is no need
To make more memories
Your essence is now encapsulated
In my heart and mind and soul
All else is the superficial
The marking of time as bodies

And I learned from my mother
That we were already
Encapsulated in each others hearts
There was no need to keep her alive
And entertained and happy
She only needed my truth
She needed to sense my soul
"That way I can find you"
So let your true essence shine
So loved ones can find you

Too many
Won't entertain the thought
Of dying and death
Too maudlin, too macabre
Too sad, too hard
But it is the only way
Let go of the tether
To find your own essence
All I know
Is that love deepens when you let go.

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