Binary v Non-Binary

I am my spirit
No qualifiers
Neither male
Nor female

I live in a body
I live its XX biological functions--
I live its good, bad,
And ugly experiences
This body type
Is called "girl," "female," "woman"...
I've lived in no other body
With which to compare
So, I embrace her

My inate sexual attraction
Is more hetero
Than homo or bi...
But waning hormones
Has muted that drive
As contentment settles in

My inate presenting energy
Is somewhere between
Girly girl and tomboy
Feminine and masculine
Femme and butch
I can wear dresses and pants
There is a wide socially accepted
Spectrum for women--
For men it is limited
No "sissies" allowed
And that is just sad

Society is a harsh step-father
Manipulating its daughters
To be passive objects
For its gratification
Manipulating its sons
To be macho soldiers
For protection
In its wars

Women will break
The glass ceiling
Long before
It will be okay
For men to be "sissies"
In their own male bodies

Perhaps male violence
Comes from the repression
Of man's feminine energies
They are hidden, hated, and feared
This cauldron of boiling anger
Is turned outward against others
Or inward against self
The feminine longs for expression
She needs to cry, to be soft
She needs to be loved
Feminine men aren't loved
In our society--shame on us

Binary means nothing
It is just a simplification
A way for societies to function
Without the chaos of
8 billion "me-isms"
It is the way
The dualistic mind works
It polarizes into opposites
Good/bad, right/wrong...
He/she, yin/yang

Beyond reproductive functions
XX has 4 billion ways
To express her dance between
Feminine and masculine
XY has 4 billion ways
To express his dance between
Masculine and feminine
If you take away the sterotypes
The lines overlap and blur

Instead of XY
Breaking and entering
And usurping
An eons old XX's culture
(This mimics the manipulations
Of the harsh step-father)
Perhaps breaking down
The sterotypes
Within the XY culture
Will equal self-love

And years down the road
When the harsh step-father has died
And boys can be feminine and vulnerable
And still be boys
And girls can feel safe and powerful
And still be girls
And who one loves
Is fluid and accepted
Amongst consenting adults
Harmony will reign

I won't be alive to see it.


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