Imbued With Love

If you could feel energy
You would feel
The aliveness of this room
I have my mother's
Vibrations on my wall
Weeks of her life
Encapsulated in a painting
Or in the embroideries
That she created

And her energy and time
Is crocheted into an
Afghan on my bed
Permeating it
With her essence
She left so much
Of herself behind

I also have my
Grandmother's and
Aunt's and sister's
And other's
Time and energy
Pulsating, purring aliveness
Right here close, as well

I love a home
That wraps it
Arms around you
With a warm
Aura radiating
From handmade items
Imbued with love

Money may buy
Beautiful stuff
Pleasing to the eye
But the energy feels dead
It has no heart

Give me the aliveness
From a home
Impregnated with
Cozy comforting
Energy from
Someone's hands

BJB 11/22
Embroidery made for me by my mother.

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