Once I started "the erasing"
--the simplification
Tensions eased
Knots untangled themselves
The world out there
Looked even more chaotic
And dis-eased

Stop with the labels!
All the me, me, ego-isms
Define, undefine, redefine.
I know you
At your unchangeable core
Simple and humble
All else is macabre and garish

The perfect Me,
The "eureka‐-I found me!"
Doesn't exist
We are vibrating energy
Coralled and tethered
Trapped by a desire
To be seen, to be known

Forever jailed as a "me"
Forever separate
From the field
Of freedom
Of love, of joy, of peace
That surrounds us
Pervades us...is Us

I no longer know my name
And I dance away
From whomever tries to
Solidify me with a label
Or a memory
Of a person they
Used to know

And if I appear at all
It is just energy
Moving through this body
This empty-ish vessel
--is an instrument producing
A poem, a craft, an idea
Just wind...not "me" at all

Beingless beings
Have an inner stillness
From which volcanoes erupt
And birds sing
Springing from the silence
Of an emptiness
Filled...with Awe

bjbeyers 12/2022

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