We are a perfect symphony
We are born that way
Along the way we pick up
Extra instruments and notes
That don't belong

I added chanting Zen monks
And psychedelic rock
And rebel protest songs
And a Native American flute
And Yoga, meditation...and more

But they weren't me
As wonderful and compelling
They obscured me
So, goodbye spiritual seeking,
self-inquiry, achievements, labels...

Hello Silence
Hello Stillness
Hello Nothingness
And then I heard the birds sing
And the wind in the trees

And water rushing
And children laughing
And women weeping
And dogs barking
And cats purring

As if for the first time
And they were me...here I am!
The most magnificent symphony
Without adulteration, without seeking
Without spiritual rituals

Being nothing--I was everything

bjbeyers 12/22/2022

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