Decaying Meat Suit

Well here we are 
In these decaying meat suits
Discussing just how
Uncomfortable they are
Cancer, arthritis, migraines,
And everything else imaginable
And yet if we wanted
We could be free
No water and food
For 3 or 4 days
Then slip gently into the beyond
But we don't

And as the conversation continues
About loneliness and grievances
Blah, blah, blah
My soul winks at yours
Our souls know
We aren't victims
We aren't these meat suits
We are just bellyaching
Sharing our intimate selves
To illicit sympathy, compassion
To fulfill unmet needs

But these needs
Can never be fulfilled on Earth
Our souls are nestled
In the womb of God
Perfectly perfect
You do know we can shift
From the dense energy
Of the body's "woe is me"
To the faster heart energy
With love for all beings
To the stillness and peace
Of the soul?

So if it seems like
I've check out
I haven't
It's only that my soul
And yours are already free
Dancing and giggling
And my energy
Doesn't want to leave that party
To be stuffed into
My aching meat suit
To meet with your
Battered meat suit

So let's just acknowledge
That our meat suits are decaying
It is inevitable
But our souls are whole
Let us only soak up
This present glorious moment
And not start the downward spiral
Into the body's dense energy
Or this old woman
Will advise you--
Just stop drinking and eating
You'll feel better soon...

#wisewomen #death #wholeness

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