Reclaiming Awe

The body only lives to breathe
To experience sound, sight
Touch, smell, and taste
It is a child in awe
A child in love with life
In love with nature
And that is enough
The spirit incarnate
Is in ecstasy

The mind, however
Conditioned by Man
Gumbles and judges
Weaves stories of woe
He’s wrong, they’re bad
She should have
If only…
Yada, yada, yada
Fearful and angry
Trapped in its made-up hell

The body child retreats
And shrivels
Laughter stops
Play stops
The miracle of just breathing
Isn’t enough for the mind
The body isn’t enough
Being alive isn’t enough
It wants more
It is insatiable

Wake up body child
Ignore the conflicted mind
Know your wholeness
Know your perfection
You are THIS being
And mind is nothing
But a sack of hot air
And thoughts and words–
You can’t live
On a diet of words

Spirit enters with each breath
Let her infuse you
Enliven you
See with her eyes
Hear with her ears
Feel the awe she feels
Let one breath be enough
Let breathing
Be your everything
And when she goes
She’ll take you with her.


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