Love is Immutable

Has been glamorized
And falsified
To make women into puppets
When it is nothing more
Than the absolute balance
Of love and not love
Of a One love that is immutable
But appears as self and other
The baby and mother dyad
Of One into two

Love becomes life
Life is a dance of opposites
Of repelling and attracting
Of love and tough love
Of sheltering
And pushing out of the nest
Of feeding
And teaching to fish
Even if they starve a little

Self-reliance is the goal
To point them to their own stillpoint
To the Oneness of immutable love
From which to navigate
To find balance in the dualism
Of self and other

Our breasts aren't supposed to drip
And 'they' have dulled our fangs
So we can't nip at the babies
Who want to stay nursing
And in the nest
And we feel we have failed at motherhood
If love isn't unconditional

Unconditional love
Is life out of balance
It is a yes without a no
It is mine without a yours
It is self without other
It is the tail wagging the dog
The child wagging the mother
Does the mother enjoy drippy breasts
So her fledgling never fledges
What if he fledges and fails?
Then again, we feel we have failed

Mothers need to know
Love is immutable
It is constant, whole, forever
Love is yes AND no
There is no other dance.


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