My Universal Heart is at peace
Not because all is “right” in the world
But because Her love is large enough
To embrace it all
To receive it all
To dilute it all
She whispers to my small trembling heart
“Shhh, I got this…”

We are one heart, one consciousness
That contracts and expands
Like the in and out of our breath
Like the lub-dub beat of our heart
This is the ebb and flow of life

The contracted heart
Feels personal and individual
Alone and powerless
And is desirous for more
More power, more money, more love
More security and less fear
It is busy creating a self image
To hide its emptiness
Lifetimes may be spent
In this tight contracted state

At the same time
Universal Heart is pulling us
Into Her mystery
Into Her vast nothingness
She will obliterate our sense of self
Remove our boundaries
If we’re brave enough
To let go of our individual identity
Our judgments
Our poor pitiful me
And feel the love of Oneness

Each of us
Is somewhere between
Contraction and expansion
Like water frozen
Melting into a flowing river
And then evaporating
We cyclically move closer
To the wordless beingness
Of fully expanded–unblocked love

And as you pray to Universal Heart
Your God
To save you, deliver you
Know that She doesn’t see your suffering
She only sees herself, is herself
Just love
Suffering eases with expansion
So, if you are very still
Very brave
You will feel yourself melting
As you feel Her pull

And you’ll hear
“Shhh, I got this…”



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